Case Studies

Executive Transition: Charting a Path

Mark is great at helping ‘clear the fog’ and providing needed insights to help one move forward in a way that is both professional and personable.
– Chris Kammer, CEO Access Supply Chain Services

About Access Supply Chain Services

Access Supply Chain Services connects wineries to importers and exporters around the world with a fully integrated, streamlined, cost-effective supply chain service.

The Fog

Chris Kammer saw an opportunity to streamline the supply chain from vineyard to end-user. The question was, how should he go about it? He was torn between partnering with other businesses or launching out on his own. His desire was to launch his own business, but was daunted by the extremely challenging market. Chris started to forge ahead regardless, but was soon experienced multiple challenges and conflicts.

Parenthood to Partner-hood

While Mark and Chris’ families were spending time together one weekend, the two started talking about work. Chris just didn’t see how he was going to get his business up and running in spite of these challenges. He needed an executive coach.

Clearing the Fog

Mark helped Chris see and explore his options and consider opportunities he’d overlooked. Not wanting to waste time or expense, Chris re-developed his strategy and successfully executed.

The Outcome

The strategy paid off. Chris is now CEO of a supply chain / logistics company which moves goods around the world.

Career Transition: Upward Trajectory

Mark is someone you can trust with your professional and personal information. Plain and simple, he understands your goals and helps you reach them!
— Joshua Gitter, Senior Director of Strategic Alliances and Metaps

In Stasis

Josh had a career in the tech industry as a software engineer. The upward trajectory he enjoyed at the start of his professional life had tapered off. He was in stasis. He wanted to keep moving up, but wasn’t sure how. He needed a career coach.

A Different Trajectory

Mark began working with Josh with the end goal of recapturing that upward momentum. The solution was to jump onto a different trajectory—that of a successful senior executive. Mark helped Josh rewrite his resume and taught him interviewing and networking practices.

Onward and Upward

Josh received two promising job offers simultaneously. It was a good problem to have. Mark talked him through the decision process, prompting Josh for the pros and cons of each in order to make the right decision. Josh accepted one of those offers moving around for the next few years while maintaining an upward trajectory. Josh is now Senior Director of Overseas Expansion Operations in Japan for an app developer.

Leadership Transition

Mark has been great at keeping me honest to the goals I set, yet flexible when circumstances drive the need to change those goals. He has helped me through those changes and allowed me to continue to flourish.
— Ganesh Vishwanath, Information Technology and Services, and Social Entrepreneurship

Work v. Passion

Mark met Ganesh back in 2010, while they were both working at Cisco. Ganesh had just returned from India, where he spent time helping villagers purify their water source. He told Mark he was energized by this experience, but couldn’t help but feel letdown going back to the grind. Ganesh had also just earned his MBA. What he really wanted was to support his family while fulfilling his passion for giving back.

Bridging the Chasm

Mark coached Ganesh on how to bridge from his job to his calling. First, he advised Ganesh to take part in the conversation around social entrepreneurship by publishing parts of his master’s thesis. Together, they researched which non-profits Ganesh felt had the most positive impact. Next, Mark advised Ganesh to start volunteering to gain the experience he needed.

Safely Crossing Over

Ganesh spent the next few years taking incremental steps without losing sight of his goal. In 2012, he founded GloBridge Ventures LLC, a profitable, compassionate company that helps sustainable businesses from overseas reach the US market.