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About Mark Guidi

I became an executive coach in 2006 and have enjoyed helping others overcome challenges and achieve their dreams ever since. My primary focus is on helping owners and senior leaders of small/middle-markets businesses produce remarkable results while becoming happier and more successful in all aspects of their work and life. My clients are typically:

  • Executives who want to enhance their leadership in order to grow their career or improve their team’s dynamics
  • Small/middle market business owners or leaders who want to grow their business
  • Mid-senior level executives who want to better manage stress and enhance how they resolve conflict

My approach is action and outcome oriented and uses tools, techniques, methods and philosophies from management consulting, positive psychology and martial arts. It consists of three simple steps:

  1. Center (clarify what matters): We’ll work together to identify your challenges and aspirations. The emphasis here is WHAT you want to accomplish and why.
  2. Focus (charting the course): We’ll set attainable and quantifiable goals to chart a course to move you from where you are to where you want to be or from who you are to who you want to be. Here we determine HOW you will achieve your objective, what roadblocks you may find along the way and how to move beyond them.
  3. Achieve (execute): We create an action plan based on the goals with clearly defined specific, measurable and achievable (SMART) measures of success to establish accountability.

My approach integrates a number of key aspects of leadership such as mindfulness, authenticity, positivity, and optimism to drive greater success and happiness. The results speak for themselves as you can see here.



Mark Guidi, CEO
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My coaching starts with the concept of centeredness. Centeredness goes beyond mindfulness and incorporates a broader, more complete philosophy.

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At Centered Business Consulting we’re all about helping our clients win. Our objective is to be your strategic advisor and partner while empowering you to succeed quickly.